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“Enhanced” Federal Medicaid Funding: An Explainer

MO HealthNet – Missouri’s Medicaid program – is funded jointly by the federal and state governments. The amount of the federal share is often referred to as the FMAP (Federal Medical Assistance Percentage). Both the current public health emergency (PHE) and the
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Healthcare for MO – Medicaid Expansion Explainer

Healthcare for Missouri put together a handy explainer for Medicaid Expansion.
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Medicaid is Critical to Children’s Health

Consistent, continuous health coverage is fundamental to ensuring that all children receive the care they need to stay healthy and active. Missouri’s Medicaid program is a critical piece of ensuring that kids throughout Missouri, in our rural and our urban counties, have access
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Medicaid’s Crucial Role in Early Childhood Health

Preventive care and developmental screenings during early childhood set children up for a lifetime of good physical, social, and emotional health, as well as financial stability. Consistent health coverage ensures children get the care they need. Strengthening MO HealthNet,
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Medicaid & Schools: Working Together to Help Kids Learn

Children who are healthy and have access to the care and treatment they need are better able to enter school ready to learn and to remain engaged in the classroom. A strong Missouri Medicaid program ensures that low-income students in Missouri have the comprehensive, continuous
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Medicaid & Children’s Health Insurance Program in Missouri: 2020 Chartbook

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) play an important role in Missouri’s health care coverage. Learn more about who qualifies for Medicaid coverage, how it is financed, and how Medicaid impacts Missourians’ health in the 2020 Chartbook.
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Medicaid is Key to Current & Former Foster Youth

Children in foster care often have complex health care needs given the circumstances and trauma surrounding their entry into the child welfare system. Medicaid coverage helps ensure that foster children receive the care they need, and it incentivizes permanency by protecting
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New Data Finds Number of Uninsured Children Increasing at Alarming Rate

Policies Enacted During Pandemic to Help Kids Access Health Care Should be Continued An estimated 6.5%, or 95,000, Missouri children were uninsured last year, a number that has increased by more than one third since 2016, according to a new report released by the Georgetown
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Medicaid Expansion is Good for State Budgets

Recent research provides further evidence that Medicaid expansion can be implemented either cost-neutrally or while achieving cost savings for states. Two recently published studies have examined the impact on state budgets in states that have expanded Medicaid.  Both
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