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Medicaid Expansion Will Help Missouri’s Uninsured Workers

More than 230,000 uninsured Missourians will gain health insurance through Medicaid expansion.

Thanks to our partners at Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, we know that 49 percent of those working without insurance are employed in the hospitality, retail, and health care and social assistance industries. These are cashiers, cooks, laborers and movers, maids and housekeeping staff who earn too much to qualify for current Medicaid coverage and too little to buy private insurance.

Many of them are essential workers that we have relied upon in some way during the pandemic. Now it’s our turn to help them get reliable, affordable health insurance so they can continue to do their jobs and care for their families. It’s time for Missouri to fully fund Medicaid expansion and extend health coverage to our state’s uninsured workers.

Where Do Missouri’s Uninsured Workers Live?

While uninsured working adults live in communities across the state, the 21 counties with the highest proportion of uninsured working adults are in rural parts of Missouri except for McDonald County. Hover over the map to check out the uninsured rate for working adults in your county.

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