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American Rescue Plan

This page includes MBP’s resources on the American Rescue Plan and how it impacts Missouri, including state-specific and local estimates where possible.

The American Rescue Plan (ARP), enacted on March 11, 2021, provides $1.9 trillion to counteract economic declines related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The plan provides:

  • Direct economic relief to individuals, families, & small businesses through stimulus payments, tax credits, unemployment benefits, health insurance premium support, and nutrition, housing, and emergency assistance;
  • Significant investments in public health infrastructure related to the pandemic; and,
  • Fiscal support to states and localities to help them respond to this crisis, including fiscal relief, increased funding education, Medicaid expansion, and home- and community-based services, investments in child care assistance and infrastructure, and additional funding for a range of existing programs that serve children, seniors, and low-income families in Missouri.


Targeted Investments of American Rescue Plan Funding Can Build a Stronger Missouri for Generations to Come

Our state has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use the $2.7 billion in state fiscal relief provided through the American Rescue Plan to address preexisting economic disparities and set our state up for a future that provides greater opportunity for us all , both rural and urban, and within every community, no matter the zip code.

Recently more than 100 organizations from across the state that represent diverse sectors came together to identify priorities for the investment of ARPA funds across several key areas. This report provides an overview of the many areas in which Missouri can make transformative, one-time investments that can address the health and economic consequences of the pandemic AND build toward a better and more equitable future for all Missourians.

American Rescue Plan: Direct Assistance for Missourians

This report examines gives an overview of direct relief that will be provided to Missourians, as well as state-specific estimates of how those provisions will benefit Missouri families (such as stimulus payments, earned income & child tax credits, unemployment, lower health premiums, and nutrition and housing assistance).

American Rescue Plan: State & Local Funding for Missouri

In addition to direct economic relief for individuals, families, & small businesses, and significant investments in public health infrastructure related to the pandemic, important provisions of the American Rescue Plan provide support to states and localities to help them respond to this crisis, including:

  • Fiscal aid to state & local governments.
  • Funding to incentivize Medicaid expansion and enhance home- and community-based services.
  • Aid to elementary, secondary, and higher education.
  • Investments in child care to support families and child care providers.
  • Support for programs that serve children, seniors, and low-income families.

This report outlines major components of support to MO & its local governments, and includes estimates of funding for these provisions.

American Rescue Plan: State & Local Fiscal Relief Fact Sheet

This report dives deeper into the state & local fiscal relief included in the American Rescue Plan, including further details about uses and disbursement of funds, as well as projections for smaller jurisdictions that weren’t included in the broader report.

County Map: Online map that reflects fiscal relief allocations by county

Searchable Table: Searchable table that show fiscal relief allocations by county, city, and smaller jurisdictions

MBP Statement: American Rescue Plan Provides Much-Needed Relief to Missouri