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For Immediate Release: May 20, 2021

Contact: Traci Gleason

Today, a lawsuit was filed in Cole County Circuit Court to compel Missouri to implement Medicaid expansion as passed by Missouri voters in August 2020. Missouri Budget Project President and CEO Amy Blouin issued the following statement in support of expansion:

“Missouri legislators funded Medicaid in the state budget, and it’s clear that implementation can proceed for July 1st as planned.

Simply put, Missouri funds the health services provided through Medicaid – it does not fund specific population groups. While next year’s state budget doesn’t have a line item for Medicaid expansion adults, it doesn’t have line items for pregnant women, children, or people with disabilities either. Whoever is eligible for Medicaid can be enrolled and receive services.

On July 1st, under Missouri’s Constitution, that eligibility will be expanded to childless adults with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level – which means that doctors’ visits, medications, and other services can and should be provided through MO HealthNet at that time.

We are confident that the courts will uphold the people’s vote in support of Medicaid expansion. After years of delay, we look forward to our state being able to finally experience the many health, economic, and budget benefits of expansion.”


Missouri Budget Project is a nonprofit public policy analysis organization that analyzes state budget, tax, and economic issues.

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