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$15 Minimum Wage and Access to Paid Earned Sick Leave Good for Missouri Kids and Families

We all benefit when working parents earn enough to support their families and can care for their health and their children’s health without risking their jobs or paychecks. An upcoming initiative on the 2024 ballot would build prosperity for Missouri families and communities by providing a much-needed raise and guaranteeing earned sick leave for Missouri workers.

Increasing The Minimum Wage and Access to Earned Sick Leave Improves the Lives of Children and Families

Jobs that pay a decent wage and provide access to paid leave allow working parents to better support their children and family. Yet too many Missouri parents do not earn enough to make ends meet, or they risk losing pay or their job to care for sick children. Many states and localities have already made the choice to put in place a common set of guardrails to ensure better outcomes for kids and families because:

Increases in the minimum wage associated with:

  • Reductions in child maltreatment and neglect.
  • Improved behavioral outcomes for children.
  • Fewer financial, partner-related, and stressful life events among mothers and an increase in the time mothers spend with their children on both care and enrichment activities.

Parents with access to paid sick leave are:

  • 3 times less likely to skip needed medical care for themselves, and 1.6 times less likely to skip needed medical care for a family member.

Children whose parents have paid sick leave are:

  • More likely to receive preventive services such as well-child visits and vaccinations.
  • Have fewer delays in medical care and fewer ER visits.

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