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School Vouchers Would Increase Costs for Local Taxpayers

State lawmakers are considering legislation that would expand the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program, or vouchers. While the financial impact of vouchers would vary widely by district, some increases could be substantial and may require a local tax increase.
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Investing in Our Students: K-12 Education

Investing in Our Students’ Futures  Download the PDF of Investing in Our Students Missourians want to give our children the best possible chance at success. We want our children to have quality public schools that start them off right towards pursuing their dreams.
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A Shaky Foundation: MO Underfunding the School Formula

MBP’s newest analysis shows that Missouri is shortchanging schools in every part of the state, by an average of $700 per student every year. By failing to invest properly in local K-12 schools, Missouri is undermining not only its commitment to public education, but its future
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