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Streamlined Sales Tax

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Missouri tax laws have failed to keep pace with a changing economy, reducing the state’s ability to invest in the well-being of its citizens. In particular, Missouri and other states that rely on sales and use taxes to fund public services have been losing revenue as a result of a failure to capture taxes that are owed for online retail purchases through remote sellers. A University of Missouri study estimated that Missouri missed out on $358.3 million in state and local sales tax revenue in 2014. In addition to eroding Missouri’s ability to invest in critical public services like education, health care and safe roads, the failure to compel remote online retailers to capture sales and use tax also creates a competitive disadvantage for Missouri’s bricks-and-mortar retailers who are required to capture sales tax.

MBP is fostering a coalition to advance bipartisan support for the Streamlined Sales Tax. Please join us by endorsing the SST.

MBP Research & Analysis

Enact the Streamlined Sales Tax to Strengthen State Services & Level the Playing Field for Missouri Businesses (January 2016)



States with SST:

SST Map 2015



Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board

Internet Sales and Use Tax Issues in Missouri, Truman School of Public Affairs (April 2012)

Helping States Level the Sales Tax Playing Field, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (November 2011)

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