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Senate Approps Update: Changes to HB 2003 (Higher Ed)

While the Senate Appropriations Committee has not yet passed the bill, it has so far made the following changes to HB 2003:


The Senate cut $500,000 added by the House to fund the establishment of a state-wide student web portal.


The House had added $450,000 for the College Bound program. The Senate cut that funding to $0.


The Senate Committee added:

  • $1 million for Missouri S & T
  • $400,000 for Missouri S & T
  • $1 million for SEMO cyber security
  • $5 million for cooperative medical training


The Senate added $500,000 to the $3 million of funding for a cooperative dental program between UMKC and Missouri Southern. Students will be located at Missouri Southern but be registered with and receive a degree from UMKC.


The Senate increased funding for Autism Services training at Truman University to $1 million, up from the House position of $915,000.


$500,000 recommended by the House for the Harris-Stowe Urban Education institute was cut by the Senate. However, Sen. Nasheed will likely work to get the funding added back at conference.


Performance and Outcome funding for the Four Year Universities was left OPEN at this time.

Equity funding for Community Colleges and for Missouri Technical College was also left OPEN.


The Senate agreed with the House to add $500,000 to the core for Lincoln University for land grant matching funds. However, the line added by the House to increase the funding an additional $1.5 million was left open, and the Senate may try to add more.


The core funding for the University of Missouri was left OPEN. The House had cut the line by $8,674,137.


The Senate did add $500,000 for MU for the Veterinary School.


$1 million was added for graduate programs at Harris-Stowe University


The House had cut $500,000 for the UMKC neighborhood initiative program. The Senate added $1.5 million for the program.


$1.5 million was added for additional ECHO projects


$750,000 was added to bring the total to $1 million for a new decision item to fund operations of the Missouri Historical Society.


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