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Senate Approps Update: Changes to HB 2002 (DESE)

While the Senate Appropriations Committee has not yet passed the bill, it has so far made the following changes to HB 2002:


Foundation Formula

The Senate agreed with the $71,055,569 increase to the formula recommended by the House however, the Senate did call for a fund switch that calls for using an additional $5 million of lottery funds and $5 million less in GR.


Parents as Teachers

The Senate agreed with House recommended core funding of $17, 462,250, but did not agree with House additions for PAT in the amounts of $537,750 and $214, 076


The Senate cut funding for intra-district transportation in St. Louis and Kansas City that had been added by the House.


Funding was also cut in the amount of $150,000 for a community partnership for a cooperative dropout prevention program. This line had been added by House.


The Senate added $150,000 for Math and Science Tutoring. The Department had asked for $300,000 and the House had cut the amount to $0.


The Senate accepted the Department Recommendation of $100,000 for  Kansas City Public Schools  Tutoring Program. Both the Governor and House had recommended $0.


The Senate added $200,000 for active shooter training and $136,000 for school board training.


$50,000 recommended by the House for a  STEM web-based pilot program was cut by the Senate.


Funding in the amount of $100,000 was added by the Senate for Dyslexia training.


$100,000 of federal funding authority was added to raise the level of funding back to the Department recommended level of $415,875 to provide incentives for low income high school students to pay for exam fees for Advanced Placement courses through a federal grant. The house and Governor had recommended $100,000 less.


The Senate added back $3.1 million that the Governor had recommended for the Missouri School Improvement Program. The plan is designed to provide early intervention support for struggling school districts.


$200,000 added by the House for a Trauma Informed Development Program was eliminated by the Senate.


$10,000 for the  Characterplus program was added by the Senate. The House and Governor did not recommend the Department request. However, the Senate cut $25,000 that the House had added for a Trauma Approach to Character Education Initiatives.


The Senate added $2 million to the Missouri Charter School Commission core funding, bringing the total to $5,450,000 for charter schools.


The Senate added $20,000 to fund additional communication equipment for the Deaf Commission.


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