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New State Budget Makes Modest But Critical Improvements, Misses Big Opportunities

Missouri’s annual operating budget is more than a set of numbers. In its funding for education, health care, and other services that serve as a foundation for Missouri families and our economy to thrive, the budget reflects the priorities of our state.

Although lawmakers increased appropriations in many areas, our state continues to pass by opportunities to invest in the tools that strengthen our state.

  • Missouri increased its funding for K-12 education in next year’s budget. However, in response to ongoing shortfalls in K-12 education funding, lawmakers re-instituted a cap in the state’s education funding formula. The amount of state funding required for education under the cap will be more than $1,000 per student lower than what was required per student a decade ago, when adjusted for inflation.
  • Despite increased funding for higher education, the amount of state funding per full-time four year college student is lower than it was in 2007, in nominal terms (not adjusted for inflation).
  • Increased child care reimbursement rates put Missouri on a path to strengthen access to quality care and make child care more affordable for 20,000 low-income families throughout the state.
  • A healthy Missouri is a fundamental building block of a prosperous economy and a good quality of life. While lawmakers made strides to improve access to behavioral health services, the legislature failed to close the health care coverage gap, bypassing an opportunity to build a stronger, healthier, and more fiscally responsible Missouri.

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