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MO House Vote Creates Momentum for State EITC

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MO House Vote Creates Momentum for State EITC

Statement from Amy Blouin, Executive Director

 We hope that today’s vote by the Missouri House to create a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) provides the momentum needed for the full legislature to act so that by the next tax day, hundreds of thousands of Missourians benefit from this critical economic lifeline.

By providing a much needed break to Missourians struggling to get by on low wages, a state EITC can be a pathway to the middle class for hardworking Missouri families. The EITC is one of the best ways Missouri can help working families with modest incomes have the opportunity to build better lives and economic security. What’s more, a state EITC would boost local economies because it puts more money in the pockets of those likely to spend it at local businesses to buy groceries or other basics.

The benefits of an EITC are far-reaching, providing an immediate boost to families while serving as an investment in our future. Children whose families receive the credit are more likely to go to college and make more money as adults, establishing a strong workforce.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee has approved a similar proposal, and the full Senate should act quickly before the end of session to create a state EITC.


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