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Investing in Missouri: Creating a Better Future for Our Families

All Missourians want the best for our families. A bright future for our children, security for our seniors, and an economic environment where working hard means you can get ahead.

But this environment doesn’t just happen. For our state to be a place where Missouri families,
small businesses, and a strong middle-class can thrive, and where everyone has theMO Tax - State Graphic (2) best possible
chance at a brighter tomorrow, we need to invest in Missourians, and invest in the services that
provide the foundation for all to succeed.

Unfortunately, especially over the last few years, our state has lost its focus on everyday Missourians. When times were tough, lawmakers chose to cut services that benefit us all, like education and health care, instead of taking the long view and enacting policies that would have strengthened our state. It’s time for us to do better.

It’s time for us to Invest in Missouri.

By enacting common sense tax and budget policies that level the playing field and close loopholes, we can begin making up for lost ground in early childhood, K-12, and higher education, and health and mental health services that benefit us all.

Executive Summary

Investing in a Strong Start: Early Education

Investing in Our Students: K-12 Education

Investing in a Skilled Workforce: Higher Education

Investing in Healthy Families

Policy Recommendations for a Brighter Future


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