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House Budget Committee Organizes for 2017 Session

New Budget Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick welcomed 17 new members to the 35-member budget committee. Rep. Justin Alferman serves as vice-chairman and Rep. Michael Butler as the ranking minority member.

This year, members of the budget committee will also be members of at least one of the five appropriations committee that report to the main budget committee. Fitzpatrick said this change is intended for the members to become experts in various parts of the state budget.


Appropriations subcommittee Chairs include:

Rep. RedmanAgriculture and Natural Resources (HBs 6 & 7)

Rep. RolandEducation (HBs 2 &3)

Rep. BahrGeneral Administration and elected officials (HBs 1, 5, 12, & 13)

Rep. WoodHealth Mental Health and Social Services (HBs 10 & 11)

Rep. ConwayPublic Safety, Corrections and Transportation (HBs 8, 9, & 4)


Appropriations committees will begin hearing public testimony next week, with testimony likely concluded by the end of January.

Traditionally, the Governor releases budget recommendations in mid-January. While Chairman Fitzpatrick indicated that Governor Greitens hopes to release his budget recommendations on February 1, the later release of the executive budget may create challenges for the budget committee.

While it may wait to meet with departments until after the Governor releases his recommendations (which must be released by February 4th), it may begin meeting with some departments prior to the release.

The state constitution requires that the budget be completed by May 5th this year.

The Budget Committee tentatively plans to finish its work by March 13, with the House sending a budget to the Senate at the beginning of April. That would leave only four weeks for the Senate to do its work and reconcile differences in conference to meet the constitutional deadline.

In addition to budget bills, the Committee will conduct a thorough review of tax credits.

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