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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Missouri’s State Budget

The state budget is more than just a spreadsheet.

Every number represents an investment in our kids, our parents & grandparents, and our neighbors.

The budget impacts ALL of us, EACH day.

Through public services, like education, public health and safety, and transportation, we build a foundation upon which families, communities and our economy can thrive.

Missouri’s state budget is about:
The child from a low wage family attending safe, quality early education, helping to ensure she enters school ready to learn
The grandparent who is able to live independently at home because of home health services or the circuit breaker property tax credit
The neighbor who is able to access the critical behavioral health services and medication that allows her to work & care for her family


The budget is a lot to digest.

The following materials serve as resources about the overall state budget, as well as specifics for many programs throughout the budget.

For an introduction to the Missouri budget process and where funding comes from and how it is allocated, see:

An Introduction to Missouri’s State Budget

Our series of budget primers are intended to give an overview of what is included in the current FY 2022 budget and how it impacts kids, seniors and families. These primers are for the current year and do not describe recommendations for fiscal year 2023. The primers provide content to help individuals track changes that may be recommended between the current year’s budget and FY 2023 recommendations by the Governor and legislature.

Budget Basics: Child Welfare

Budget Basics: Early Childhood

Budget Basics: Family & Economic Security

Budget Basics: Higher Education

Budget Basics: K-12 Education

Budget Basics: Mental Health

Budget Basics: Public Health & Nutrition

Budget Basics: Community Services for Seniors & People with Disabilities

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