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Congress Must Negotiate and Approve Robust COVID Relief Package

For Immediate Release, September 10, 2020

Congress Must Negotiate and Approve Robust COVID Relief Package
Statement by Amy Blouin, President & CEO, Missouri Budget Project

“Missourians are counting on our Congressional delegation to pass a robust COVID relief package that addresses the many needs facing families in Missouri and across the country, including nutrition, housing, aid to state and local governments, unemployment insurance, and housing.

The so-called “skinny” COVID package, which did not receive sufficient votes to advance in the U.S. Senate, failed to address these needs.

Policymakers must go back to the drawing board and develop a substantial relief package that can help our state, our communities, and our families weather this crisis.

This crisis is bigger than most of us have seen in our lifetimes, and it demands a response that matches its magnitude. Providing assistance to those hit hardest by the pandemic and recession, as well as funds to prevent further cuts to state and local public services will help mitigate the long-term damage of this crisis.”

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