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MBP Statement: Tax Bills Put Profit Margins Before People

For Immediate Release, May 17, 2018 Lawmakers are set to give a huge tax break to profitable corporations while undermining our ability to fund schools, health, roads, and other things Missourians need. At the same time, lawmakers are considering scrapping a tax credit that would
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Preliminary Look at FY2019 Budget

State lawmakers approved the state budget for Fiscal Year 2019 this week. The budget, which kicks-in on July 1st, provides $28.3 billion in total funding for critical community services, including education, health & mental health, child welfare, transportation and public
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State GR Trends Show Caution Needed on Tax Changes

Download the PDF Despite a growing economy and low unemployment, state general revenue has dropped significantly, hindering the ability of Missouri to invest in the resources our communities need to prosper. State revenue trends generally reflect economic indicators. However,
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House Committee Farm Bill Would Cost Missouri, Harm Families

Download the PDF Version The U.S. Congress is considering proposals that would make food assistance more difficult to access, and could take food off the tables of 131,000 Missourians and their families. These punitive policies, including harsh work requirements, would cost
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Sales Taxes on Groceries & the Importance of a Refundable EITC

Download the Full PDF A state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), like the recently proposed Missouri Working Families Credit, could benefit as many as 515,000 working families with modest wages, providing hardworking families the ability to achieve a better future and a pathway to
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