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Who We Are

All Missourians want the best for our families. A bright future for our children, security for our seniors, and an economy where working hard means you can get ahead. But this environment doesn’t just happen. For Missouri families, small businesses, and the middle-class to thrive, and for everyone to have the best possible chance at a brighter tomorrow, we need to invest in Missourians, and in the services that provide the foundation for everybody to succeed.

Missouri Budget Project (MBP) works hard every day to make that vision a reality by advancing public policies that improve the lives of Missourians.

Because facts matter, we inform the public debate on policies through objective research and analyses.

Because public engagement drives change, we take that research into the community. Through collaboration with civic and business leaders across the across the state, and conversations with thousands of Missourians that reflect the diversity of our great state, we promote awareness of and involvement in critical policy issues, influencing policy decisions that affect us all every day.

Formed in 2003, the Missouri Budget Project (MBP) has built a strong reputation for providing timely, credible analyses of complex policy issues, and is now relied upon by advocates, media, state legislators, and business and civic leaders who look to it for its perspective on fiscal matters. The following testimonials illustrate the credibility of MBP and the support it provides to community leaders and other advocates:

“MBP is an invaluable resource to policymakers and organizations throughout the state. Their analyses put complicated budget and tax issues in meaningful and simple terms, explaining how the issues impact Missourians. The analysis they provide is critical in this state.” – Erin Brower, Government & Community Affairs Director, Hallmark Cards

 “The Missouri Budget Project’s work serves as a guidepost for public policies that support a stable and competitive Missouri economy and ensure opportunities for all Missourians. MBP’s research and analysis help shape the public debate about state budget and tax issues. Their work demonstrates how investing in the needs of Missourians not only improves quality of life for us all, but builds an economy that works for everyone.” – Charlie O’Reilly Retired, Vice Chairman, O’Reilly Auto Parts

What We Do

The work of MBP is tailored to promote policy change by fostering the awareness of and the support for policy issues among “grasstops” organizations and community leaders, and the grassroots memberships that they represent. To that end, MBP provides a comprehensive program of advocacy strategies that includes policy analysis, strategic communications and outreach, coalition building and direct engagement with lawmakers.

MBP works to advance state policies to ensure that Missouri has:

  • A fair, balanced tax structure that can meet the state’s public investment needs.
  • A strong safety net so that families can stay afloat, and where every Missourian has access to comprehensive health care coverage.
  • A quality education from birth to adulthood.
  • Opportunities for all Missourians to improve economic stability for their families, further strengthening neighborhoods and communities.

MBP’s current work is focused on the following state public policy priorities:

  1. Successful, timely, and complete implementation of Medicaid expansion as approved by Missouri voters.
  2. Improving the health care safety net to create a “state of the art” system that includes investments in the public health infrastructure, increased access to mental health care for kids and families, streamlined administrative processes for Medicaid, and continuity of coverage to ensure that every eligible Missourian has access to the health care coverage they need.
  3. Strengthened investments in critical public services by safeguarding and improving revenue streams.
  4. Improving Missouri’s economic safety net, including reforming the unemployment system, expanding access to paid leave, implementing and improving the new Missouri Working Families Tax Credit (EITC), and crafting improvements in child care assistance.

Board Leadership & Responsibilities

MBP is governed by an 11-person Board of Directors. Its team of six staff members and two consultants are supported by a $1 million annual budget. Although the main office is located in St. Louis, the staff and board members are located throughout the state.

MBP is seeking individuals interested in joining its Board of Directors. Participation in the Board of Directors is an opportunity to assist in setting the organization’s strategic direction and policy priorities to advance opportunity for all Missourians. Board members serve a fiduciary role, providing oversight of the organization’s finances, support strategic planning and fundraising and evaluate the performance of the President & CEO.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly for two hours per meeting, and each board member is expected to participate in a committee of the Board, which meet more frequently. The overall time commitment is generally less than 6 hours per month. The organization is embarking on strategic planning in 2021-2022, which may require a larger time commitment over the next year.

Qualifications of Board Members:

  • Commitment to the mission of the Missouri Budget Project.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, including the ability to work toward consensus and appreciation of ongoing learning.
  • Commitment to advancing racial equity and inclusion.
  • Ability to understand and support the fiduciary role of the Board, as compared to the operational responsibilities of staff.
  • Willingness to serve as an ambassador of the organization.
  • A commitment to support the organization through time and talent and to make the organization a charitable priority as possible for the individual.  

In addition to these skills, Missouri Budget Project seeks board members who reflect the diversity of Missouri.

Application Process and Board Terms

Individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors are asked to complete the brief application linked here. Completed applications should be emailed to ablouin (at) mobudget (dot) org by Friday, October 8, 2021.  All applications will be reviewed by a committee of the board with decisions made by December 10, 2021. MBP will be filling up to 5 vacancies.

Board members are elected in December with membership on the Board beginning in January. Board members serve a three-year term and can be reelected two times. The Board does not receive compensation for its work, but reimbursement of expenses to attend Board meetings and events is available as needed.

Missouri Budget Project is grateful for your interest in supporting our work. Questions can be sent to Amy Blouin, President & CEO at: ablouin (at) mobudget (dot) org and/or 314-518-8867.

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