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The Missouri Budget Project is a trusted source of reliable information for a variety of constituencies including policy makers, nonprofits and advocates, members of the media, business and civic leaders.

“The Missouri Budget Project has been an invaluable resource on the Medicaid and TABOR issues. In terms of accurate data, AARP Missouri views MBP as the ‘go to’ source.”

Norma J. Collins
Assoc. State Director – Advocacy
AARP Missouri

“The Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities considers the Missouri Budget Project a leading resource in our state for information regarding the fiscal impact of issues affecting Missouri’s budget and revenue situation. Their information is extremely helpful in our efforts to educate Missouri’s citizens with developmental disabilities about the impact of proposed legislation, policy, and budgetary decisions. We have partnered with them on many projects including TABOR and Medicaid Reform. Their leadership, research based financial information and statistics, and their passion and commitment are absolutely invaluable to us in the work we do. I simply don’t know what we would do without them as a

Dolores Hampton, MPC, Susan Pritchard-Green,
Director – MPC and Terry Mackey, Chair MPC