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MBP Response to House Passage of SB 509

Not only would SB 509 fail to create the good jobs MO needs, but it would undermine our future by making it harder to invest in MO’s human capital and the services and infrastructure that really do build our economy…We call on Governor Nixon to veto SB 509.  To read MBP’s full statement, click here.

House Ways & Means Committee Irresponsibly Rushes $799 Million Tax Cut

In a specially convened meeting, the House Ways & Means Committee passed SB 509, which would starve education, social services, and other services of $800 million annually when fully implemented. Click here for MBP’s full reaction to the bill.

Medicaid Makes (Dollars &) Sense

Because the federal government would pick up many costs Missouri is already paying for its Medicaid services, expanding Medicaid would actually save the state money – more than $140 million initially, and more than $30 million annually in later years. Missouri cannot afford NOT to expand Medicaid. Read more.

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