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Legislators Should Sustain Tax Vetoes

In a press statement, Executive Director Amy Blouin states that "Missouri is beginning to see the consequences of its fiscal shortsightedness," and urges legislators to sustain the Governor’s veto of budget-busting tax breaks to "stop the bleeding."

Missouri Revenue: Digging Out from a Hole Only to Go Over a Tax Cut Cliff

Recent spending restrictions are just the beginning of a steep fiscal cliff for Missouri as a result of tax cuts passed in the 2014 legislative session. To maintain FY2014 services and fully fund education, Missouri would face a more than $2 billion shortfall when tax cuts are fully implemented. To learn more, read MBP’s full analysis.

Press Release: Tax Cuts Will Leave MO Billions Short of Revenue Needed to Fund Basic Needs

Once the numerous tax breaks passed in 2014 are fully implemented, Missouri will be more than $2 billion short of revenue needed to fund services at the FY 2014 level and fully fund education. "Enacting tax cuts at this time is like buying a new sports car when you haven’t had a raise in years and can’t even pay the rent," said MBP Executive Director Amy Blouin in a press release.

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